This article was going to be originally about the recent illusionary fable known as “The War in Afghanistan is over” but as the current presidency is coming to its final lap, I might as well reminiscent about all of Obama’s militant interventions.  Within the depths of my conscious, my telepathic powers have told me that there’s gonna be a tsunami size wave of propaganda that’s going to hit the media’s airwaves and the minds of Americans.  Celebrities are already touting it; major media outlets are concluding it; and even normal citizens are accepting it as the status quo; the belief that the empire is actually winding down — when in fact it is still in continuation with a ton of momentum.

I don’t mean to raid on anyone’s happy parade, but this nostalgic “anti-war” attachment to the current president has been tarnished and has become completely mythical.  To say that this current administration is anti-war is analogous to claiming that a bacon, egg, and cheese is a nutrient filled fruit salad.  I would have never have thought that such a fraudulent claim could gain actual traction, but I’ve been proven wrong.  I will not let such nonsense go unmatched, and it is vital to tell the brutal reality that actually exists.  It is safe to say that the current administration is just as warmongering as the previous administration — or should I say administrations. So without further notice, lets cut to the chase.

As we enter the 7th year of the Obama presidency, we can only expect what we have seen from this presidency: a reckless interventionist foreign policy.  The country is still entangled in failed strategies that have only made the world a least safer place — that’s including the United States.  Despite what you might have been told, the Obama presidency has perpetuated the war machine; I don’t have a speed gun, but by the tire marks on the ground, you can tell he’s flooring the damn thing.  Should we start from the beginning? The first surges in Afghanistan when he [Obama] first got into office was a blatant sign that he wasn’t going to take his foot off the gas.  If there’s anything that Obama and a dove have in common, it is the fact that they both like to fly; militant air strikes and drone warfare have thunderstruck the middle east under the current administration.  In Pakistan — where the drones don’t seem to stop flying — only a merely 4 percent of the people who were killed from June 2004 to October 2014 were positively identify as Al Qaeda.  This policy of warfare in Pakistan — which was started under the Bush administration  — has ignited drastically under the Obama administration.

 I cannot forget to mention the other militant and drone campaigns in Yemen and Somalia also.  A common misconception that is communicated daily from the political hacks is that these drone strikes are precise and civilian friendly.  But a recent study from Reprieved — a human rights group — has concluded:
In total, as many as 1,147 people may have been killed during attempts to kill 41 men, accounting for a quarter of all possible drone strike casualties in Pakistan and Yemen.  In Yemen, strikes against just 17 targets accounted for almost half of all confirmed civilian casualties. Yet evidence suggests that at least four of these 17 men are still alive.  Similarly, in Pakistan, 221 people, including 103 children, have been killed in attemptsto kill four men, three of whom are still alive and a fourth of whom died from natural causes.
This is just Pakistan and Yemen; the total amount of innocent lives that have been taken from all of these drone strikes is speculative.  We do know for certain that these erroneous policies do lead to future blow back situations, and we also know that a plentiful amount of tax payer dollars have gone to these repulsive programs.  The interventionists in Washington are always looking for a new catalyst to incite their new false cause.  A mistake ridden foreign entanglement is usually the outcome of such actions.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the Obama administration has learned this lesson which will bound it to make more mistakes in the future.  The dance of war has been taken to an allegro pace under the current administration, and the fat lady seems to be only getting started.
 I guess individuals who believe the “Obama is anti-war” fallacy have a very short memory.  It wasn’t that long ago — around four years go — that this administration pulled a stunt so despicable that it practically took our constitution and used it as toilet paper.  Obama’s intervention of Libya really echoes memories of the former warmongering president who was in office.  Starting a whole US intervention on a false premise? No, not Obama, he’s anti-war.  I also remember the “red line” that Assad supposedly crossed; and we were about to invade Syria — except it was the rebels that we supported and funded which ended up being the perpetrators of the sarin gas incident.  Clearly, Obama is a fan of using covert operations to use his tactics.  Despite the huge opposition of Syrian intervention in the summer of 2013, he [Obama] got his wish this summer which was due to the crisis of rising radical Islamist group known as ISIS.
Since we are on the topic of ISIS — which has receive funding by our allies in the Middle East — it is worthy to note that they [ISIS] are the primary reason for our re-invasion of Iraq and a brand new intervention in Syria.  The legal justification for both of these interventions are unequivocally flimsy without any substantial backing.  The even more horrific thing about this situation is that the legislature branches of the government won’t even put up a fight to stop such an unlawful action.  The Constitution seems to be eroding and rusting within our government — or maybe it was never meant to be rustproof in the first place.  It doesn’t stop at just the middle eastern part of the world, it’s also in Europe and Africa.  It is well established that the recent coup to overthrow the Ukraine government was backed by our government, and operations in Africa saw a 217 percent increase from 2008 to 2013.  Some people might not consider these acts from the government to be interventions, but regardless of what you think, these actions all have consequences.  Just like how the US government backing proxy wars fought by radical islamists in the 80s led to 9/11, 1993 WTC attacks, and the conflicts in the Balkans.  We shouldn’t be so shock to see more blow back in the future; proxy war is still war, and it leads to dire situations.
It is pitiful for some people to be so attached to their partisan blowhards when they have done acts of doom and destruction.  I will not be surprise to hear — after Obama leaves office — the old red herring argument I like to call the “but George Bush”.  The Obama administration has without a doubt perpetuated the war machine just like his predecessors, and there’s a stack full of incidents and actions to prove so.  Ignoring this fact will only give the incentive for the next president to abuse his privileges and act ruthlessly corrupt.  If we don’t as a nation use our will power to stand up to the power classes that control the laws and rules that govern us, governance will be invisible with no presence at all.  If you wish to not use criticism, you will only get oppression in return.  History tends to repeat itself for the people who don’t remember it; so it be handy to keep some significant recollection of it.