By the title of the article, you already know where I’m going with this: that dreadful video that the Colbert Report did on the Robin Hooders of Free Keene. The video definitely hit the libertarian community like a fierce lighting bolt, and it’s not hard to miss the negativity that is spewing the comment sections of libertarian Facebook pages. I’ve seen many doomsday predictions and a lot of resentment from libertarians.  When I first heard about the Colbert Report doing a segment about the Free Keeners — which was literally 10 minutes before the actual show started — I knew this video was going to be a hit piece trying to make libertarians look as loony as possible, and yes they did a good job.

Let me make one thing clear: I think the idea of Robin Hooding was actually a good one, but I despise the way that some of the meter maids were treated. It definitely makes our ideology look stupid, but it could have been a lot worse. Despite the negative light that the Colbert Report shines on libertarians, I was kinda shocked on how many libertarians were throwing up their hands and saying, “It’s all over”. This kind of mentality has me shaking my head and I vehemently disagree.

Do you really think this is the end? Stop being a negative nancy and put on your logical thinking cap. The liberty movement has been making huge strides over the last decade; just check out all the work of Students for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty;  in a short amount of time, these groups have created chapters all over the US and the World. I went to the Students for Liberty New York Regional Conference last Saturday, and from that point of view, the fires of liberty are burning even stronger than ever.

There’s a reason why this Colbert video was made: we are becoming true threats to the establishment.  The New York Times would have never written a hit piece about the Free Keeners if they weren’t making any progress. This Colbert segment is not going to be the last time that libertarians are going to be shown in a negative light, in fact, I thought the movement would be use to these antics that the mainstream media uses to smear our point of view.  We have to realize that we are polar opposites of the mainstream point of view so smearing is going to be ubiquitous in the future.  We shouldn’t take these smears to heart and we should ignore them and keep up with activism and educating the masses about the philosophy of liberty.

In fact, we should take these attacks as signs of fear from the establishment.  We also have a huge advantage over the establishment: time.  Time is definitely on our side and it is important to be patient.  The State is turning more and more obsolete as time goes on.  The next crisis caused by the stupidity of the political hacks will be coming anytime now, and we will be able to capitalized on these stupid actions which would put the ball in our court.  With technology rapidly expanding, people are becoming more and more independent of the State.  As they become more and more independent, the state seems more parasitical than an actual provider of services.

Bitcoin, Uber, and apps like the Peacemaker are blowing away the imaginations of human beings; who would have ever thought that private individuals could provide what the state does without force and the threat of taxation? This realization is becoming more and more realistic everyday. Now instead of being called too idealistic, we can actually show that what we think can be possible in the future. It is important to be patient and to be optimistic; we shouldn’t let some dumb cherry picked segment on comedy central get to our rationale. Inspiring our culture to be more liberty minded is going to be as dirty as a tug of war in a mud pit and we better be prepared to get dirty.

The fight for liberty is going to be a long and fierce battle so it is vital to have perseverance. The liberty movement isn’t dead; it’s stronger than ever. If it weren’t making any progress, we wouldn’t get any media attention what so ever. The next time some progressive tries to associate you with bigots and points to the Colbert segment as evidence, asked them this: So whose more bigoted? a couple of jerk offs who annoy meter maids or a political hack who drone strikes weddings; spies on citizens on a daily basis; and says it’s okay to detain someone without a trial? I’d rather be associated with the idiots in the Colbert segment than our despotic murderer in chief; at least those jerks in the Colbert report haven’t trampled on civil liberties. All we need is some confidence, passion, and patience; liberty is rising and the establishment knows this. Don’t let someone else tell you otherwise.